This document governs all the contractual relationships between the Contractor, the Customer and SA Eurhostel (also referred to as “Train Hostel” or “Train Flat”, which are strictly non-smoking establishments) in the framework of the rental of accommodation and the use of its websites.

The “Contractor” is any natural or legal person signing a reservation contract and/or who is obliged to make a certain payment as consideration.

The “Customer” is the natural person/s who occupies/occupy the accommodation.


The prices listed on the site are in euro and are inclusive of all taxes. 

SA Eurhostel reserves the right to amend these prices at any time. All reservations confirmed by SA Eurhostel will however be invoiced at the rate in effect at the time of reservation. 

The form of the contract:
There are no specific requirements as to the form of the contract. The contract shall be deemed concluded when one of the parties accepts the offer made by the other party.

In case of a written contract, the Customer’s arrival and departure dates, the agreed price, the description of the required services and the amount of the deposit, if any, shall be mentioned.

The contract period:

The contract ends the day after the Customer’s arrival, at the latest at 11 a.m., if no contract for more than one night was requested and/or accepted.

If the number of nights is not stated in the contract, then the accommodation contract is deemed to have been concluded for several consecutive days. In that case, one of the parties must give notice the next day by no later than 11 a.m., for the contract to be terminated. Any notice given by SA Eurhostel to the Customer shall be deemed as addressed to the Contractor.

Reservations, changes, cancellations:

All reservations must be confirmed by Eurhostel SA. A reference number will therefore be given to the client at the time of each reservation. A reservation guarantee must be provided by credit card or bank deposit. Only the reference number together with the reservation guarantee guarantees the client's reservation with Eurhostel NV.

If the client arrives after the contractual check-in time without informing Eurhostel SA or if he does not show up, the reservation guarantee will not be refunded and no refund of the stay will be possible. 

Any modification or cancellation of the reservation will only be accepted within a minimum of 48 hours before the day of arrival. If this deadline is not respected, no change, cancellation or refund, even partial, will be possible.

For groups and reservations of several rooms, the following special rules apply (see group contract).  

For any cancellation announced between 30 days and 60 days before the date of arrival, the penalty is 50% of the total amount of the stay. 
For any cancellation announced between 20 days and 29 days before the date of arrival, the penalty amounts to 70% of the total amount of the stay.   
For any cancellation announced less than 19 days before the date of arrival, the penalty is 100% of the total amount of the stay. 

Failure to perform

If SA Eurhostel is unable to perform the contract, it must offer the Customer alternative accommodation, in an equivalent or higher category. Any charges resulting from this shall be borne by SA Eurhostel. If, however, SA Eurhostel is unable to perform its obligations due to an event outside of its control (force majeure), it shall not be liable for this.

Termination of the contract:

If the Customer arrives after 8 p.m. or after the time agreed in the contract, he or she must notify SA Eurhostel of this. If SA Eurhostel has not been notified, it has the right to terminate the contract without compensation or notice.

The contract cannot be terminated before its complete execution, except by agreement between the contracting parties or under any other provision of these terms and conditions.

Liability of SA Eurhostel:

SA Eurhostel cannot be held liable for any damage as a result of an event, which it was unable to prevent/predict (force majeure).

Nor can it be held responsible for damage caused by the Customer and/or his/her guests.

Liability of the Contractor/Customer:

The Customer, the Contractor and their guests, are jointly liable in respect of SA Eurhostel for any damage caused to guests, the property, the furniture or the equipment on the premises and public access areas.



All claims relating to the contract must be made on the premises and as soon as possible. If the problem could not be resolved to the satisfaction of the Claimant, he or she shall pursue his/her claim by registered mail within seven days of the end of his/her stay to which the claim relates.

Right of retention of any items brought by the Customer:

SA Eurhostel has the right to retain any property brought by the Customer, in lieu of guarantee for the payment of any amounts due. Ultimately, SA Eurhostel may also sell this property at market value.

SA Eurhostel’s policy

The Customer agrees to abide by the policy of SA Eurhostel, which can be found at the reception. Any serious or repeated violation of this policy entitles SA Eurhostel to unilaterally terminate the contract without notice or compensation.

This policy includes no smoking inside any of the premises – courtyard, terraces and buildings (€ 150 fine for infringement) – as well as no pets. The Customer agrees to respect the rules of the establishment.


SA Eurhostel can never be held liable for theft or damage to the Customer’s vehicle, to the vehicles of third parties or to the parking/garage infrastructure.

Arrival and departure:

Unless otherwise provided in the contract, all rooms reserved for a customer are available as of 3 p.m. The Customer shall vacate the room by no later than 11 a.m. on the day of departure.


Upon check-in, the Customer will be asked to provide an ID card or a passport so it can be registered on the police form, which the Customer must sign.


SA Eurhostel undertakes not to disclose the personal details of its customers to third parties and not to use them for purposes other than those required under the contract.

Use of the website:

SA Eurhostel endeavours to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the transactions on its website. If, despite these technical protection measures, the information on this site and/or the data transmitted by the Customer were intercepted, decrypted, transmitted, altered, modified, deleted or used by third parties, SA Eurhostel does not accept any liability for any consequences that may arise directly or indirectly from these actions.

SA Eurhostel also does not accept any liability for the consequences that may arise directly or indirectly from problems related to the site’s accessibility or availability, regardless of the causes, and in particular, in the event of downtime, bugs, the unavailability of SA Eurhostel’s computer systems or problems with the telecommunication networks.

SA Eurhostel does not accept any liability for the consequences that may arise directly or indirectly from problems related to the site’s incompatibility with the Customer’s computer equipment, its configuration, and its Internet connection or in case of failure of the Customer’s equipment to consolidate the information on this website and/or transmit customer information.

SA Eurhostel does not accept any liability for consequences that may arise directly or indirectly from any damage to the Customer’s hardware and/or software or any data loss resulting from:

* the use of the website;

* the use of electronic communications (for the communication between SA Eurhostel and the Customer) including e-mail, which could may bugs or viruses;

* the download of data or programmes from the site which may contain bugs or viruses. 

Changes to the terms and conditions:

These terms and conditions can be amended at any time. The Customer should therefore check them before making any new reservations. 

Governing law and jurisdiction:

This contract is governed by Belgian law. In case of dispute, only the courts of the judicial district of Brussels (Belgium) are competent.